Robotic vacuums have taken over in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

These vacuums are just so much more convenient and so much less bulky than most standard vacuums.

People enjoy these new vacuums so much that all kinds of brands and types have popped up, and one of the most popular is the Roomba 980.

If you’ve been considering buying it and have been looking for a real, honest Roomba 980 review, then look no further. We’ve got you covered!

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A Truly Smart Vacuum

A Truly Smart Vacuum

When you read different Roomba 980 review sites and reviews of other vacuums, you will often see them referred to as “smart vacs.” Well, that label definitely applies here.

The Roomba 980 has “smart” features that really make it stand out from the pack. Its camera and location sensors help it to spot messes, even in hard to reach places, and its overall design and sensors allow it to get into even the tightest of spaces for deep cleaning.

This vacuum just seems to know where it needs to go and what it needs to clean, which is a pretty amazing feat for a vacuum.


A “Dirt Detect” System is In Play

A Truly Smart Vacuum

Something else that gets mentioned in almost every Roomba 980 review is the vacuum’s impressive “Dirt Detect” system, and it’s easy to see why. This is just not a feature that can be overlooked!

As mentioned above, the vacuum’s smart features allow for a deeper cleaning, and these features go hand in hand with the Dirt Detect System, which is designed to find and make notes of places in your home that tend to get especially dirty. The system even allows your vacuum to determine if your home needs one or two passes with the vacuum and then act accordingly.

It’s pretty amazing that this vacuum can figure out what your home needs without any special programming or input from you. That alone earns it a spot as one of the top robotic vacuums currently on the market today.

A Simple and Uncluttered Interface

A Simple and Uncluttered Interface

Another thing that’s really nice about the Roomba 980, especially when compared to earlier models is that there aren’t a lot of confusing buttons or settings.

In fact, the vacuum only features three simple buttons. There’s one for “clean,” which allows you to stop and start cleaning cycles, there’s one for the “home” mode which will cause the vacuum to go back to its resting spot, and one for the “spot” mode which will enable the vacuum to clean up a spill or a small specific area that you choose. That’s it!

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While some people may not like the simplicity of the three buttons, many will find the streamlined designed easier and more user-friendly than the older models with an array of choices and options.

Wireless Enabled for On-the-Go Control

Wireless Enabled for On-the-Go Control

You probably never thought you’d see the day where your vacuum would connect to the internet, but that day is here!

The Roomba 980 is wireless-enabled, which allows it to work in conjunction with a convenient app.

Using this simple app, you can program your vacuum to do anything you want whenever you want, all without even being there.

This is a great feature mostly because the app is so easy to use but also because you can set up cleanings from the office or wherever else you happen to be. This makes it much easier to keep your home clean no matter how busy you may be.

Greater Carpet Cleaning Through Technology

Greater Carpet Cleaning Through Technology

In addition to all of these awesome high-tech features, it also must be mentioned that the Roomba 980 is just really, really good at cleaning carpets.

It has a carpet agitator that never gets tangled or stalls while in use. And the agitator really does a good job of allowing for a deep carpet clean.

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While some other robotic vacuums tend to work a lot better on hardwood or tile floors than they do on carpet, this particular model practically seems like it was made specifically for carpets.

So, if you have a mostly carpeted home, this is probably the robotic vacuum that you will want to go with.

The Amazing Edge Clean Feature

The Amazing Edge Clean Feature

One final thing to really appreciate about this vacuum is the “edge clean” feature, a feature that you can turn on from the mobile app.

When you turn this feature on, your Roomba will work extra hard to clean the edges of a room.

This feature is very nice if you tend to get lots of dust bunnies or grimes around the perimeter of your home.

So, there you have it- an honest review of the Roomba 980. While this vacuum is a little pricey, it has some truly great features and a high tech design that make it well worth the cost. So, don’t overlook this one just because of the price tag; it’s worth considering.