Hi I’m Candis Pope, one of the bloggers here at Pick Vacuum Cleaner.

We know how it is when you’re trying to shop for a new vacuum cleaner. They have so many features you just spin like an out of control Roomba. With vacuum cleaners for every different floor type, it is important to find the perfect fit for your needs. You’re in the right place. With brushes, brushless, detachable canister, under furniture – they have a different vacuum cleaner for everything these days. But you only need one and we’ll help you find the right one.

Pick Vacuum Cleaner is run by a team of vacuum cleaner experts. We’ve reviewed them, categorized them, and we’ll tell you which ones work great and which ones don’t. If you want a hands-off robotic model that parks itself and works while you sleep, we looked at those too. Whether you are in the market for an upright, canister, steam, hypoallergenic, robot, or hand-held. You name it and we reviewed them.

Our review crew has looked at capabilities, compared pricing, and checked manufacturer claims against actual consumer ratings. Our extensive research means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching the internet. Use the handy links on our home page to select the type of machine you are looking for, and see how the different models performed.

We’ll tell you how each vacuum performed on tile floors, wooden floors, carpets with different knaps, stairs, corners, and furniture. If you need a vacuum to control the fur bunnies from your Grand Pyrenees, we’ll tell you which one will handle the load. If you need a model that picks up wet spills and dry messes – we’ll point you to the perfect model for you. If you need a model that will handle the shag carpet in the den and not damage the hardwood floors in your living room you will find it here.

We hope you find the resources here at Pick Vacuum Cleaner helpful! We’d love to hear from you, whether that’s in a comment on one of our posts or a private message to our team.