How often should you vacuum? Many of us have asked this question at one time or another. And the answer depends on your situation and who you ask.

And of course, we all have that friend who swears she vacuums every day. You know the type. The one with the immaculate house who also puts a home-cooked dinner on the table every night. Whether your friend is being honest or not, don’t feel pressured into vacuuming every single day. That’s just ridiculous.

Some say you should vacuum carpets once a week “for each beating heart” in your home. For large families with lots of pets, that sounds next to impossible. The Carpet and Rug Institute says we should be vacuuming our home twice a week. This sounds reasonable In fact, air quality and carpet experts agree that, for the average household, once a week is plenty. To be sure, they assume you have a high-quality vacuum and that you’ll do a thorough job.

How Often Should You Vacuum?

When is Once a Week Isn’t Enough

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Of course, you may find yourself needing to vacuum more often. While once a week works for most people, others need to vacuum two or three times per week. If you have pets or allergies, this can affect how often should you vacuum. Likewise, if you have a large family tracking things in and out, that can make your house get dirty faster. Plus, if you don’t have a good-quality vacuum, you’ll need to put in more time.

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You may also want to think about your doorways and hallways. These areas often take more of a “beating” than other parts of the home, especially if you get lots of visitors. And of course, people with multiple pets or with breeds that are known for shedding know what they’re in for.

Do you have family members or others living in your home with severe asthma or allergies? That also figures into the question, how often should you vacuum. In these cases, you may find you need to vacuum daily, in addition to regular dusting and mopping. Unfortunately, people with asthma can suffer severely if the air quality gets bad.

On top of vacuuming once a week or more often if required, you should vacuum if there’s a spill. Even if you can’t see a stain or visible debris, it’s a good idea to vacuum. After all, things can go deep into the carpet where you can’t find them.

This video recommends twice a week.

Do You Have The Right Vacuum?

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One common thing that affects how often you should vacuum is whether you’ve got the right one. A low-quality product can be more work than it’s worth. Or perhaps parts of the vacuum are worn out or it needs a new filter.

Whatever the case may be, if you find yourself vacuuming more than most people, you may need to look at this.

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For example, how often should you vacuum may have a lot to do with your flooring. If your unit doesn’t work well on tile or carpets and your home has lots of it, you may need a different one. Or perhaps you need one that handles different kinds of floors. That’s because some vacuums just don’t work as well on some types of flooring. For example, some don’t handle deep cleaning carpets very well. Meanwhile, others don’t do so great on hardwood floors. If your vacuum doesn’t clean effectively, then it’s time to upgrade to something that will work.

Here’s CNET’s guide to buying the right vacuum.

Signs That You May Need a New Vacuum

You should also pay attention to how much noise your vacuum makes. Very few vacuums are quiet run quietly, of course. But if yours suddenly seems to get louder each time you run it, it’s a dead giveaway that something isn’t right. Either have it looked at or consider replacing it if it is old or has other problems already. You’ll find that repairs or replacements can do wonders for keeping your house cleaner for longer.

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Also, be on the lookout for a decrease in the amount of “suction power” your vacuum has. If you notice it’s not picking up much, change the bag if your vacuum has one. And if that doesn’t work, try cleaning or changing the filter if applicable. Finally, if nothing works to boost your vacuum’s suction, it’s probably time to get a new one.

As you can see, how often you’ll have to vacuum will depend on a lot of factors. If, however, you’re vacuuming regularly and not getting the results you want, then it may be time to look for a new vacuum or at least figure out what’s going on with your current one!

Featured image: Maria Marin CC by 2.0 via Flickr.

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