shark apex ax951 mShark APEX AX951 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is full-sized, strong, sturdy and very capable corded, bagless upright vacuum cleaner. It combines several Shark’s cleaning technologies in one unit, being suitable as the main vacuum cleaner in large and most demanding homes and apartments.

Date: October 14, 2017.

Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Upright Vacuum is full-sized, strong, sturdy and very capable corded, bagless upright vacuum cleaner. It combines several Shark’s cleaning technologies in one unit, being suitable as the main vacuum cleaner in large and most demanding homes and apartments.

Date: October 14, 2017.

Shark APEX AX951 Features and Specifications

shark apex ax951 1Shark APEX AX951 features several, very important cleaning technologies making it one of the best-buy more expensive models. These technologies include: DuoClean, Powered Lift-Away, Noise Reduction, Active-Glide Technology, Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal etc.

DuoClean Technology combines two brushrolls in the main cleaning head working together and cleaning at the same time. A bristle brush improves cleaning of the carpets and rugs by pulling out deeply embedded dirt and debris, while additional soft brushroll cleans larger particles and directly engage bare floors for a cleaned, polished look. Also, combined brushrolls improve cleaning of usually problematic dirt like long and short human and pet hair, lint, threads, socks etc. 🙂

Powered Lift-Away Technology allows the to detach the canister from the rest of the vacuum and to clean hard-to-reach places either with the main cleaning head or with the available cleaning attachments. Shark AX951 can be quickly and rather easily converted from one configuration to another, it just takes some time to get accustomed to such vacuum – just to be sure, read the manual that came with the unit thoroughly. Detached unit can be easily carried around, up and down the stairs and clean large area quickly, including surfaces which are not always easily accessible, at least not with the main vacuum cleaners, like stairs, upholstery, furniture, under and around beds and sofas, bookshelves, corners, edges, along the baseboards and other elevated surfaces etc.

Advanced Anti-Allergen Complete Seal: dirt-air filtration is excellent and the unit emits 10x fewer dirt particles than sealed HEPA standards require (according to the ASTM F1977 down to 0.3 microns). Such level of filtration is very important for people having asthma, allergies and other similar health problems. Even if those health issues are not present, it is good to know that vacuum’s exhaust is practically ‘just’ a clean air.

Active-Glide Technology: since the unit is not the lightest one, it is important to maneuver smoothly on both bare floors and carpets while maintaining good suction, and without suction loss due to the large gap between the cleaning head and the floor. Full swivel steering mechanism help with the steering around the furniture and other objects commonly found at homes.

Noise Reduction Technology: although Shark AX951 comes with rather strong motor, it is rather quiet vacuum cleaner, with soft pitch – unit emits low-frequency hum and it is really quiet in high-frequency spectrum.

Shark APEX AX951 physical dimension are: height 46 inches (~117 cm), width 11.2 inches (~28.5 cm), depth 12 inches (~30.5 cm) and it weighs 16.1 pounds (7.3 kg).

Although relatively large and heavy, unit is easy to use even by elderly people. Also, there are uprights on the market with wider cleaning head, but AX951 cleans any surface with just a few passes. Also, cleaning head of this size maneuver more easily and can reach more surfaces directly.

shark apex ax951 2

Shark AX951 comes with the numerous accessories for cleaning hard to reach and awkward places. Note that type and number of accessories might vary depending on the store, but generally AX951 comes with the following cleaning attachments:

shark apex ax951 4Anti-Allergen Dust Brush comes with nylon fiber bristles, purposely designed for removing fine dust, pollen and allergen particles from very gentle and delicate surfaces.

Deep-Cleaning Motorized Pet Tool is a compact motorized brush, powerful enough to remove deeply embedded dirt, allergens, and hair from carpets and rugs. Unlike other cleaning attachments, this cleaning tool is stored onboard for quick and easy access.

Mini Motorized Pet Brush Tool is designed to clean pet hair and stubborn ground-in dirt from carpeted surfaces including stairs and upholstery.

Pet Multi-Tool is 2-in-1 Combination Tool designed for more delicate tasks than Mini Motorized Pet Brush Tool. Pet Multi-Tool is used to clean dust from different surfaces, to clean up large piles of dirt and debris, and to remove pet hair from delicate fabrics like curtains and similar fabrics.

MultiFLEX Under Appliance Wand comes with a pivoting extendable wand designed to clean under and on top of appliances and furniture. When cleaning for the first time under, for example, refrigerator, don’t be surprised with the amount of dirt that this tool pulls out.

shark apex ax951 3Duster Crevice Tool also combines two cleaning tools in one: crevice cleaning tool and dusting brush cleaning tool. The crevice tool provides extended reach for cleaning small, tight and narrow areas and spaces, while the dusting brush cleans dust from various surfaces.

Accessory Storage Bag stores all vacuum accessories for easier and more convenient storage.

Again, available attachments vary and the most common combination is: Pet Multi Tool, Duster Crevice Tool, MultiFLEX Under Appliance Wand and Anti-Allergen Dust Brush. If the case that other attachments are required, they can be ordered separately when and if required.

Although AH951 is not cheap vacuum, it comes packed with features that more than justify the price tag. Also, it is low maintenance unit, with 7-Year Limited Warranty.

According to the official Shark website, AX951 comes with lifetime filters and belts.

Air filters are washable are designed to last the life of the vacuum itself, with minimal maintenance and no replacement costs required. If something happens to the filters, they can be replaced with the new ones, of course.

Drive belts are protect by electronic system which shuts off the power nozzle motor to avoid belt damage, if the brushrolls are blocked or clogged. Again, should something happen to the belt, it can be easily replaced.

Long Story Short – Shark APEX AX951 DuoClean is excellent, top-of-the-class vacuum cleaner. It combines several cleaning technologies in one unit, helping the user to keep clean even larger homes and apartments easily.

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