Shark Pet Perfect II Hand Vac SV780 Model is lightweight, cordless, handheld vacuum which comes at very affordable price and does the job well. It comes with several cleaning attachments seldom seen on the rather cheap vacuum, which enables it to clean various types of debris on various surfaces. Very useful little vacuum for emergencies with kids and pets.

shark pet perfect II hand vac sv780

For quick and easy cleanups of pet hair and other most common ground-in dirt, Shark SV780 comes with motorized pet hair brush, crevice tool and dusting brush.

Combined with very good suction and charging stand, it can wait ready to be used when required within seconds – excellent choice as ’emergency vacuum cleaner’ for people with small children and pets. Although it has relatively wide suction width, it is not suitable for cleaning larger areas – it can clean easily surfaces like sofas, car or boat interiors, smaller rooms, individual spills on the floor and similar.

The charging stand is wall-mountable or it is positioned on flat surface like a table top and it holds all accessories which comes with SV780 vacuum.

shark pet perfect II hand vac sv780 2

Shark SV780 uses 18V Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery, which provide enough energy to do the smaller cleanups properly, while keeping the price low. Lithium battery would provide more power and more energy, but it would also increase the price.

Shark SV780 weighs around 4.35 pounds (~2kg). It is not the lightest handheld cordless vacuum around, but it is still rather lightweight and can be easily used with one hand. It is light enough to be used even by children. Make your kids clean their own messes – they will develop great working habits, next time will be more careful and they will actually clean the mess 🙂

Air filtration is good, but far from HEPA grade – one really can’t expect HEPA air filtration from units like these. Air filter is mechanical and it is washable.

Vacuum’s control switch is on the handle and it is easy to use. Dirt bin has decent capacity for a vacuum cleaner, but since it is easily cleaned, empty the dirt bin after each use.

Note: SV780 is not suitable for wet dirt and liquids in general.

shark pet perfect II pet hair brush

Motorized pet hair brush is relatively soft and gentle, but can clean carpets very well. If you have sensitive upholstery and carpets, be sure to test if the brush will make any damage (unlikely, but better safe than sorry!). For thorough cleaning of messes on the carpets, consider using powders for dry cleaning.

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