oreck-B003L87WZE-1Oreck Type CC Vacuum Cleaner Bags 8-Pack, designed and engineered By Crucial Vacuum, are set of 8 replacement dirt bags with high filtration level and very acceptable price.

Oreck Type CC Vacuum Cleaner Bags 8-Pack Features

Oreck Type CC Vacuum Cleaner Bags 8-Pack has several features, very important for people suffering problems with allergies and for people wanting to improve quality of exhausted air from their vacuum cleaners:

– Oreck XL Vacuum Bags 8-pack by Crucial Vacuum Brand with Allergen Filtration

– Fits All Oreck XL Upright Vacuums! Oreck XL bags by Crucial Vacuum will fit both older, and the newer XL upright models that use the docking station system.

– Comparable with Oreck’s vacuum bag part number CCPK8, CCPK8DW.

– 8 Individual Allergen Filtration Vacuum Bags in Every Pack – Essential For All Allergy Sufferers

– Designed and Developed in the USA by Crucial Vacuum

Due to it’s price and level of filtration, these disposable bags are very popular – after filling it with a dirt, use small covering tab to close the bag, before tossing the bag into the trash – there is no more dust getting out of the bag, even when changing the them.

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